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Call for Papers

Critical Infrastructure Protection - prepared for the future

Critical infrastructures are today of central importance for all developed countries. At the same time Critical Infrastructures undergo rapid changes in many respects. Globalisation and liberalisation with their economical, social, technological and political aspects result in more and more interoperable, integrated and dependent Critical Infrastructures. These phenomena and the actual socio-political instability pose new and very hard challenges to the management and protection of these systems and, more specifically, imposes the development of innovative strategies to guarantee their service continuity. The abundance of services of modern infrastructures is no more thinkable without information and communication technologies (ICT). Though being key enablers of Critical Infrastructures, ICT are, at the same time, reckoned among the most vulnerable elements of the whole system.

Information and communication technologies are not just key elements for Critical Infrastructures - with their general purpose approaches they also provide the ground for analysis, modelling, and simulation of Critical Infrastructures. Sophisticated information modelling and information integration techniques, new service, agent, or constraint based software engineering approaches, the next generation internet with its standard languages and tools will considerably influence the way Critical Infrastructure research will be done in the future.

CRITIS'09 wants to bring together experts from science, industry and public authorities involved in management, supervision and protection of critical infrastructures to provide an interdisciplinary and multi-faceted view about future security strategies for Critical Infrastructures.

Authors are solicited to contribute to the workshop by submitting articles that illustrate research results, R&D projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in the following (non-exclusive) areas of Critical Information Infrastructures

  • Modelling and Simulation of Critical Infrastructures with special focus on using new general purpose ICT
  • (Inter-)dependency Modelling and Analysis
  • Next generation Critical Infrastructures
  • Network and Organizational Vulnerability Analysis
  • Threats and Attack Modelling
  • New approaches to SCADA/DCS and Control System Security
  • Next generation internet technologies and their application for CI design, modelling, simulation, and management
  • Federated CI Simulation techniques and applications
  • Self-healing, Self-protection, Self-management Architectures
  • Situation Awareness and Response Optimisation
  • CIIP Policy and Cross-Border Issue
  • R&D Agenda, Presentation of CI(I)P R&D projects, Benchmarking and Survey

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